favorite finds this week

a few things I’m loving on the web this week:

1. I didn’t think I could love Amy Poehler anymore. Check out her AMA on Reddit this week. “Adam Scott smells like lemons and possibility. Future and peppermint. Loyalty and vanilla ice cream.”

2. This Buzzfeed list had my cracking up. Fun fact: I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan. 27 Pictures Only Harry Potter Fans Will Think Are Funny. My favorite:

harry potter

3. This new Cloth app will make me one step closer to being Cher Horowitz.

4. Good to know: 8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance

5. For all my social media professionals: 5 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences

6. This recipe that I am tackling immediately after I write this post. Wish me luck. Heirloom Tomato Sauce


6. Although I laughed at this video, my biggest fear in life is the chick from The Ring coming out of my television. That’s not a joke at all, either. In my eyes, it is the scariest movie of all time. If someone pranked me like this, I would not be pleased.

7. The future of airplanes has me seriously tripped out.

8.. This epic, epic 15-second video:



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