revamping cheap furniture + moving fails.

My fiancé and I have moved for the 1,000th time this year. Luckily, we moved just 30 minutes away from our old place (last time, it was 30 hours away) to a new apartment in Dallas. We are officially out of the burbs and back to city, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Weird fact: I love moving. I love to clean and reorganize. I know I’m definitely in the minority on that one.

The last three places we have lived we have gotten almost everything from IKEA, so we claim to be pretty good at putting things together from there. With this move, however, we had to move an Expedit shelving unit (picture below). The thing is massive that we had to take it apart to even get it out the door at our old place. Jeff claimed we knew this thing so well, we didn’t need to pull up the directions on the Internet to put it back together. Guys, trust me on this: when you are putting together a piece of furniture that is 6’x6’ and held together primarily by wooden pegs, always, always read the directions. Do not get cocky.

Needless to say, we put the entire thing together with two screws to go when the whole thing collapsed. 80 wooden pegs come with that thing and every single one of them broke in half. Every. Single. One. Fun fact: they don’t sell the IKEA Expedit shelving unit anymore, so they don’t have the wooden pegs in store to buy. I had to order them online for $40 so we can attempt this thing later, and the sad pieces of it are scattered all over the ground to remind us of our failure.

After this fiasco, I found this great Buzzfeed list about different IKEA hacks to revamp your cheapo furniture so it doesn’t look so cheapo. Some of my favorites that I will definitely be trying below:

Ikea Hack 3Turn the Kallax shelf sideways and add legs to make a media console.

Ikea Hack 2Tuft the cushions of a Karlstad sofa
IKEA Hack 1Swap out the legs of your IKEA sofa. You can buy new ones here.

I would love to hear your moving horror stories and favorite IKEA hacks!


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