what inspires you?

only you can find your path

I plan to make some blog changes in the next few weeks. I am thinking of revamping, so I’ve been searching for inspiration for the last few days. I’m working to figure out my new vision, to really pinpoint it. I’ve been searching through other blogs and reading as much information as I can on the Internet. I’ve always been outside a lot. I find that it helps me think, except it’s so damn hot (yes, it’s that hot in October in Texas).

Another thing that has helped is just writing, even without a distinct vision. I have been in quite the writing rut lately. I haven’t known what exactly to write about (what am I really an expert in?) and how to put my words onto paper in the right way. Recently, (today, actually) I just said, “Fuck it,” and started putting all my real thoughts down on paper. It’s been helpful. I have a few posts saved and ready to be posted soon that are very real and very me. I’m excited to share them.

I also found this great article on Thought Catalog about ways to boast creativity. It was fitting for my day.

So, I have to ask you, bloggers: where do you get your inspiration?


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