The Simple Way To Make A Halloween Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love carving pumpkins, Halloween movies, and especially dressing up. Post-college dressing up is much different for me now that I’m not in school anymore. As Mean Girls put it (yes, I’m quoting Mean Girls – deal with it) “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Now that we are done with college? Not so much. My goals for Halloween costumes now are to get creative and be able to make my costume on a budget. Halloween costumes are expensive! Here are some ideas for a simple, DIY costume this year:



This is the costume I went with last year. Super easy and with some white contact lenses (ordered from eXtreme SFX), it was really scary! The contact lenses are a little pricey, and definitely aren’t necessary.

Supplies needed:

White Long Sleeved t-shirt (I already had)

Leggings  ( I already had)

Set of cream colored sheets (Got a very cheap set at Target that was only $14)

Safety pins

Cut the sheets into strips and make sure they fray while cutting. Simply wrap the sheets around the leggings and shirt and secure with pins. The sheets were easier to put on while I was wearing the leggings and shirt – but it’s up to you how to put them on! I will say, it’s difficult to go to the bathroom with the rags, but I figured it out. For my makeup, I just used a lot of eyeliner and dark black eye shadow and smeared it all around my eyes. I used powder to make myself look paler, and put on red lipstick and smeared it down my chin with my hand. For my hair, I twisted my hair in small sections and used bobby pins to secure (Full tutorial here) and slept on it. Then, I pulled It out, put a TON of product in it and teased, teased, teased! Then I took a sheet strip and used it for a headband.


This was the costume that my boyfriend decided on last year. He is a giant nerd, so it’s appropriate.


Supplies needed:

Large Light Brown Poster Board

Large Dark Brown Poster Board

Medium Black Poster

Yellow Cellophane

Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Felt sheets

White Out Pen

Brown Ribbon

Cut the light brown poster board to look like a giant app. Cut the dark brown poster the same way – only use the top third of it. Cut the colored felt strips and paste them on the top left hand corner. Set aside. Cut a rectangle out of the center of the medium sized black poster board, leaving a little extra room on the bottom of the poster. Print out life-size “filter” options to paste on the bottom. Line the frame opening with the cellophane. Use the left over black poster board to cut out the black camera circle for the app and cut out an oval to place under the colored felt strips. Write “Insta” on it with the white out pen. Punch two holes on the tops of either side of the light brown cardboard app and securely tie a ribbon in them to use as a strap. Wear the “app” around your neck and carry the filter around with you.


You can really make this as in-depth as you want – depending on budget and time.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of


Cream Sheet to use as a toga

Bag of toy snakes

Green eye shadow

Drape a sheet around yourself to serve as a toga. I would wear a green tank top/shorts and gladiator sandals with it. You could either make your hair big or put it up (see this great Martha Stewart tutorial here ) and bobby pin the toy snakes in your hair. I think this look would be completed with vibrant gold and green makeup.

Britney Spears 

Pleaded skirt, knee-highs, white button up shirt tied, cardigan, pigtail braids with pink feathers.This just is easy and everyone loves Britney circa 1999.

Image Courtesy

Image Courtesy

The Shining Twins

I realllllyyyy tried to convince my boyfriend to do this with me this year, but he declined (way to be lame, Jeff). Anyways, it’s fairly easy – all you need is two crappy blue dresses, white knee-highs, Mary-Jane shoes, black make-up to smear around your eyes, and of course, a hair clip. Look dead and hold hands during the night. Bonus points for getting someone to be little Danny Torrance (“Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrance!” – sorry, I had to). Danny could dress up in overalls and ride around on a tri-cycle. IMAGINE THE PHOTO-OPS. I die.

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 12.00.34 AM

On that point – any costume related to a classic horror movie is all right in my book. What are you planning to dress up as?


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