The Simple Way to Rock Dirty Hair to Work

Let’s face it, we barely have enough hours in the day to eat let alone wash/dry/style our hair everyday. Jeff (my boyfriend) thinks I’m so gross for not washing my hair for days at time – but I tell him since he doesn’t have long hair, he has no opinion on this matter (you’ll learn through my posts that I’m pretty brutal with him. You’ve got to love the guy for taking it). Like many other things, they just don’t get it. My hair is pretty long (probably to my mid back? That sounds about right) and it takes me at least one and half hours to get ready if hair-washing is involved. I like to say, “I don’t wash everyday because it’s SO bad for you hair!” – which is what my hairdresser tells me, but that’s not why I don’t wash it. I wear it dirty because I simply NEED that additional 30 minutes of sleep, and ladies, I know you can relate. So here are the ways that I wear it, when I decide to nix the wash:

Wear it curly and/or with a scarf.

This one is great for a casual work environment – and has lots of options with all the different scarves! You can do this while wearing your hair in a high bun or with curly hair and low bun. A quick way that I curl my hair, without any heat involved is below, is with twisting and bobby pins. Plus, it makes me look super hot for my man before bed. Depending on how the curls come out, I add or scarf or don’t. Sometimes when it comes out a poof ball, the scarf is necessary. If not, I like the crazy curls look. See instructions and results below:

Simple Way Curly Hair1

This is pretty simple – just section your hair, twirl, spiral the hair and pin. I literally do this with no mirror, sitting up in bed watching Jimmy Kimmel with the man. You sleep on the spirals and obviously look sexy for the night. In the morning, just run your fingers through the curls and shake out.

The Simple Way- Curly Hair 2

Wear curly or with a scarf.

Rock a sock bun.

I’m the queen of sock buns. I love them – so easy and simple and you can make them work for a casual or dressy occasion. Step by step on how I do a sock bun below:

Sock Bun 1

Start off with a thick sock and cut off the toe. Then, roll the sock into a doughnut and place around a high ponytail. Let the ponytail fall around the sock and tease your hair (helps make the bun stay put).

Sock Bun 2

Slide your sock doughnut up almost to the top of the ponytail and cover it with the top of the ponytail. Start rolling the sock down with the hair and tuck stray pieces and layers as you go. Then, tighten the bun and bobby pin down any imperfections. Spray with hairspray.

Tease and pin up the front

This one is for a “day one” of dirty hair look. You can’t be too greasy for it- but just tease and pin the front layers of your hair back with bobby pins for an effortless look. I just have an “after” picture of this one since it’s a pretty self-explanatory how-to. I try to avoid hoop earrings with this one because somehow, it always ends up looking like Snooki.

Hair Pinned

Here are a few of my tricks of the trade for wearing dirty hair to work. What styles do you ladies depend on for those days when you need those extra 30 minutes of sleep? I love hearing about other options!


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